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Wine Calculator

How much wine do I need for my event?


Here are the bascis for determining how much wine is needed for an event:


Number of Guests X Lengh of Event in Hours = Total Number of Glasses of Wine Needed

Total Number of Glasses of Wine Needed รท 4-6 Glasses of Wine Per Bottle = Total Number of Bottles Needed


The general rule of thumb is to assume one drink per person per hour.

Typically you can expect to get 4-6 glasses of wine from a standard 750ml wine bottle.  If you were pouring wine for friends at home, you'd usually pour 4 glasses from a bottle...and at an event with trained waitstaff you can get 6 glasses from a bottle, but those drinks may seem a bit smaller than normal.  We usually factor 4-5 glasses per bottle depending on the type of event and whether the wine will be poured by volunteers, event hosts, or professional waitstaff.

One you divide the total number of glasses neede by 4-5 glasses per bottle you will get the total number of bottles needed.

Most of our event customers either do a 50-50 split between red and white wine, or 2/3 red, 1/3 white. 

Keep in mind that in the summer people tend to drink more whites and in the winter people tend to dring more reds...also, at seated dinners, more red wine is typically consumed.

Many of our customers like to add 20% to their order since it can be difficult to determine what type of wine your guests will want to drink at your event.

Additionally, you don't need to worry about ordering extra wine to ensure you have enough for your event since Giving Vines allows unopened wine that's purchased for an event to be returned.

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